#WritersLife Tag (where I talk about flaws, success & my thoughts while writing)

I’m a writer.  I’m quite sure you know this but I thought I’d tell you anyway. I write a lot – more than I breathe (not really. That’s impossible. But that’s the dream. Again, not really. The dream is to be published) I’m getting side-tracked, I know, but the point is: I write.

Today, I decided I’d share some of my writing details with you. So, this is the #WritersLife tag (I found it on Addicted To YA and it looked like fun).


What do you eat/drink while writing?


Now you know as well as I do that isn’t a real answer. I don’t consume passion (duh) but that sounds far more exciting than saying that, more often than not, I don’t eat or drink anything.

The thing is, I write too quickly for my mind to keep up and I’m almost always thinking 107 million different things at once which leaves little time for consumption, but I always have tea/coffee beside me and more often than not end up drinking it cold *shudders* because I’m too busy writing to do anything else. *pauses writing blog post to sip tea from Christmas mug* 


What do you listen to while writing?


(but only because I have 4 cats, 2 parents, 2 younger brothers, 2 puppies, 1 grandmother and my own insanely busy mind.) If I could I probably wouldn’t listen to anything but my own little fictional world .


What’s your most debilitating distraction?


I don’t get all that distracted when I write because I tend to disappear from the world and not return until I’m moderately happy with what I’ve been writing BUT if someone mentions eating cake or that they have cake or even if I can smell cake – I’m out of my writing world and in the kitchen in .4 seconds.

If one of my cats climbs onto my keyboard – well, that’s pretty distracting on it’s own. Or when my cats simply sit there, next to me…waiting to be petted. I CANNOT REFUSE THEIR CHARM.


What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you while writing?

  • When a stranger asked to read my book.

Generally, when this happens, I just laugh it off and say something along the lines of,IMG_2145 ‘uh…still…editing – LOOK IT’S A SQUIRREL’  but this instance was terrifying because IT WAS A STRANGER AND STRANGERS MEAN DANGER (thanks mum, you taught me well) needless to say I stumbled away in the hopes they’d never speak to me again.

  • That time I thought I broke my laptop and remembered I hadn’t saved my work so I literally cried because I thought my book was gone forever and it was sad and traumatic and you will only understand this if I say it felt like a child was being ripped from my weak little arms.

(not to worry; my battery was just dead. The laptop was safe. The book was fine too.)


What’s the best thing that’s ever happened while writing?

  • The first time I ever completed a book.

That was a big moment for me, to think that ‘wow. This whole story is done. There is nothing more that needs to be written. I’m done. It’s done.’ 

  • When I first hit 50 000 words, and every time after that.

You may see the number and be like, ‘oh wow. 50k everyone can do that.’

Yeah, okay – you go and write 50 thousand words that make sense and then come and talk to me. #WordsAreHard

  • When I write a piece, sit back and say, ‘…maybe I can actually write. Huh. Imagine that.’

This point only makes sense if I admit that often I’m like, “I can’t write a single word to save my life and when I do write them they’re all wrong and horrible.”

  • The first time someone complimented me and every time after that.

The first writing compliment I received was from my mom (didn’t count) then some other family (still didn’t count) then friends (still, didn’t count) then some random stranger who was like;


(and that was pretty great.)


Who do you communicate with while writing?

My mother.

She is a shining star in my sometimes hazy and dark void of useless thoughts.

When I’m stuck (even when I’m not) I lean on her for help. When my characters are fighting I tell her their problems and hope she can help me while I drown myself in a pool of chocolate and caramel because I don’t know how to fix their lives.

She helps me with all the names I’ve ever used (book titles) and without her, I’d name them all ‘Untitled’ or something like ‘girl and boy who fall in love’ or ‘*cool name for book*’.


What’s your writing secret to succeed or hidden flaw?

To succeed:

  • Don’t compare yourself (I do this all the time but you shouldn’t) 


  • I think I’m a terrible writer.

Some may not see this as a flaw and simply a confidence thing but I really, really don’t think I’m good which means I often stop whatever I’m writing and think I’ll never accomplish anything.

  • Existential crisis.

Enough said. 

  • I used to (I PROMISE I DON’T DO THIS ANYMORE) only describe my characters for their hair and eyes…


What always makes you productive?


Nothing major. Just little things to keep me going, like: “If you finish the chapter you can have a cupcake.”


I hope you enjoyed this inside look to my #WritersLife!

If you’re a writer, I tag you to do this too!

6 thoughts on “#WritersLife Tag (where I talk about flaws, success & my thoughts while writing)

  1. I despise distractions deeply! And as much as I love food; it’s incredibly distracting so, NO it’s not weird AT ALL.
    As for you doing this post…I OFFICIALLY TAG YOU.
    (I can’t wait to read yours in a little while!) *throws confetti*

    Thank you for reading!

  2. I never eat while writing!!! I think it’s such a distraction…is that weird? And by the way…I love your post!!! I hope to do this someday…while I have enough time to fully addicted to writing. (Perhaps summer vacation!)

  3. You’re too wonderful *gives you a million and four virtual hugs*
    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels terrible after first drafts… You feeling terrible gives me so much hope (which is super wrong and kind of horrible, I know but you’re a great writer so.)
    Your dog sounds wonderful. Haha!

    You can fling yourself at my mum too, if you want. 😉
    She LOVES your blog. Almost more than me (emphasis on ALMOST. I win all the prizes for stalking your writing/blogs/social media.)

  4. AHHH I LOVE THIS. I LOVE YOUR POSTS OMG YOU ARE SO FUNNY AND WONDERFUL. Ahem. So therefore I’m sure you’re quite a good writer. ;D I just have this feeling…
    But omg existential crises are ME too. Always. After every 1st draft I do (because they are like naturally the worst of the universe) I’m convinced that I’m a horrible writer and everything is terrible. And I really try not to compare too, because that’s just…nopity no. It doesn’t lead anywhere good.
    And my dog likes to sit on my laptop too. I think he was a cat in another life?
    ALSO YOUR MUM IS AWESOME. I used to fling myself sobbing at my sister and she’d help me through writers’ blocks…not so much anymore, but it is insanely good to have a relative who will pet your shoulder and let you drown nicely in pools of chocolate.

  5. I’m so glad someone agrees with me! *throws confetti*
    It’s difficult having little people around all the time who have only just discovered their vocal chords and insist on using them.

    Thank you for reading!

  6. I totally get the music part I would like silence, but all those younger siblings…. silence only happens at night…. and only when the littlest is sleeping well… and I normally sleep at night.

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