I quite like bookish tags and do enjoy completing them.

What I mean by ‘quite like’ is that I LOVE them and by ‘enjoy’ I mean, ADORE. So, without further ado, here is a bookish tag about bookish things.

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I love snuggling up in bed and hardly ever read at a desk. reading in bed

I like the idea of being surrounded by cosy, comfortable things so that when a book breaks my heart I can receive hugs (indirectly) from my pillows and blankets and be comforted by the fact that I’ll never marry a fictional boy. *sigh*

Also, closing a book, rolling over and spending all day in bed crying, mourning the loss of a fictional character, or having a book hangover is a lot easier to accomplish in bed. But I also like couches quite a bit and (wait for it)…aeroplanes.

This falls into the second question, Where do you like to read? But I’m on a roll and am just going to keep going on this train of thought.

(Back to aeroplanes!) I know this may seem a little weird but I did a lot of travelling growing up (I’m still growing up and still travelling but whatever) and overtime it became a habit and kind of something I started anticipating and now, the minute I get on the plane I have to read.


Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I’d like to say bookmark because I have about a million lying all over my room but the truth of the matter is that I, more often than not, use a random piece of paper or, just remember what page I’m on.


Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/certain amount of pages?

I can never ‘just’ anything.

I ALWAYS have to end at the bottom of the page so that when I return there’s a brand new one waiting for me. Like, if there is a comma right at the bottom of a page and the thought ends on the next one – guess who’s reading that page too? (Me. In case you were wondering.)


Do you eat or drink while reading?

gif - drinking tea

Drink? Yes. Tea and maybe coffee or water.

Eat? No.




I could go on about this (I won’t). The answer is no, to eating. I don’t eat while reading, ever.


Music or TV while reading?

There are only a few shows I watch on TV and when I do I like to be fully and completely focused on what I’m watching. It’s the same with reading, really. I like staying focused on the storyline and characters without being distracted.

Music however, never really distracts me. It kind of becomes a background noise so I don’t mind if music is on but I won’t purposefully listen – unless both my brothers are running through the house and yelling at the top of their lungs then, I mean, bring on the music to block them out by all means.


One book at a time or several at once?

I used to be really strict about this (like with eating while reading) and believed that reading more than one book at a time was simply unacceptable…But then I became a reviewer for publishing houses and a proof-reader for authors and suddenly I was reading up to four books AT THE SAME TIME.

This horrified me and I tried (desperately) to stop but I’ve relaxed about it since my failed attempt to stop and even though I read quite a few books that are sent to me (at the same time) I tend to only read one at a time when I buy them.


Reading at home or everywhere?

I always have a book with me, if that’s anything to go by.

I hardly read when I’m away from home but that’s only because when I leave the house I have a game plan. I’m on a mission to do certain things and try getting them all done so I can rush back home, lock myself up and away from the world again and read.


Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Okay, okay… I’ll admit it.

I have peeked BUT ONLY ONCE, I SWEAR and it was (kind of) a mistake. I was reading a book (no spoilers I promise) and the main character was DYING.

I WAS ALL LIKE, WHAT? NO! THIS CAN’T HAPPEN and I stopped reading. When I went back to read, the following day, I…may have opened the novel about 100 pages ahead from where I was and…may have seen that she was still alive.

Okay – I’m lying. I downright looked because come on, I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO DIE and I panicked.

(Just so you know, she ended up dying anyway needless to say, I was heartbroken and swore to never peek again.)


Break the spine or keep it new?


I deeply despise cracking of spines and I don’t care what you say about ‘loving books’ if you love someone you’re not going to break their spine – are you? No you aren’t (!) because you’ll be sent to jail. Beyond that though you don’t want to hurt the person you love. I’m exactly the same; I don’t want to hurt my beautiful books.


Do you write in your books?





Okay, but only sometimes.

I mean, I don’t usually write in books. I prefer not to but when I read books for school the reading rules go out of the window. Not because I don’t like the books schools make us read most of the time but rather, I WANT TO PASS AND GET A GOOD MARK, therefore if my teachers ever told me to write anything in the book and they happened to wink (or have something in their one eye and blink like a weirdo) darn right I was going to ferociously scribble it in the margin!


*sigh* I’d planned for this to be a quick tag but I mean, when are the tags I do EVER quick? (Never. They’re never quick.) I hope you enjoyed this nonetheless. If you’d like to participate in The Book Jazz‘ tag, read the bottom of this post, but if you just came to read what I had to say, I hope you enjoyed reading my rambles and I’ll see you next time. Tell your animals I love them (if you don’t have any, tell your siblings and if you don’t have any of those, well, tell your shoes).

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver.


If you’d like to do the tag all you have to do is answer the following: Do you have a certain place at home for reading? | Where do you like to read? | Bookmark or random piece of paper? | Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter / certain amount of pages? | Do you eat or drink while reading? | Music or TV while reading? | One book at a time or several at once? | Reading at home or everywhere? | Reading aloud or silently in your head? | Do you read ahead or skip pages?  | Break the spine or keep it like new? | Do you write in your books? | Who do you tag? 

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7 Responses

  1. AHHHH *hides away from dog-eared pages*
    I TOTALLY understand what you mean about convenience though!
    If I wasn’t such a weirdo who believed that dog-earing pages was harming the books I’d DEFINITELY do it.
    Convenience is partly the reason I choose to remember page numbers rather than find a bookmarks.
    Have a lovely day and thank you for reading! *gives you a cupcake and begs you to stay*

  2. I actually dog-ear my pages! *cringes in shame and waits for tomatoes to land on her* I KNOW. It’s horrible! But it’s actually ridiculously convenient, even if I feel ridiculously guilty when I do it on a brand new book!

  3. CAIT! YOU’RE HERE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? *throws confetti* *offers you a cupcakes and begs you to stay*
    Eating-while-reading is THE worst (!) and I totally agree to the eating around a kindle. (I hope the lasgana was good at least?)

    Book polygamy is THE best and OH MY GOSH IS THAT HOW YOU DO SO MUCH?!?! I don’t know how you do all the things all the time *applause*

    Thank you for reading, Cait! Have a wondrous day.

  4. AHH I LOVE THIS. YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL. <3 And omg I am with you on no-eating-while-reading. I once at lasgana while reading…um, least to say it did NOT end well and I officially am sworn off. Unless I'm reading on my kindle? Which is delightfully easy to wipe clean of any mishaps. xD
    And I admire you for being able to remember what page you're on! I CAN NEVER DO THAT.
    Also I'm definitely a book polygamist! No regrets ;D I actually feel like I get more done if I read several books at once?! IDEK WHAT WEIRDNESS THAT IS BUT IT'S TRUE.

  5. Thank you for the comment!*gives you cupcake in thanks*
    SHE CROSSED OUT THE SWEAR WORDS IN LIBRARY BOOKS?! That is horrifying, but quite funny nonetheless.

  6. I read in bed as long as the book is not too heavy. I know someone who uses a sock as a bookmark. I can always just stop, usually when my eyes close and the book falls out of my hands. That’s why it can’t be heavy, can you imagine War and Peace landing on your head whilst dropping off? Drink tea definitely, eating? Um Not really, the cupcake may become a bookmark. Several books at a time, it’s such fun to read a paragraph of one book thinking you’re reading another, confusing and terrifying. Oh yes, now I know. I don’t write in books. I knew an old lady who used to cross out all the swear words in LIBRARY books, horrifying to say the least. I would never watch tv and read, it’s an insult to the author, like listening to someone else when he is talking to you. That’s just rude.
    Ok, most questions answered, thanks for great blog Kat.

  7. Keep It New? really? how can you not love a book to bits? strange child, but that is what makes this such an awesome read. Love it.

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