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Why I Don’t Have A 2016 Reading Goal

I love goals, and more than that, I love organisation. Colour co-ordination, setting objectives and scheduling has become my life (pretty much). Partly, because if I don’t have everything written down nothing will get done but also because I love post-its and enjoy writing myself notes. Achieving the goals I set, however, is the best […]

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5 Reasons I Always Finish Books (or try to)

I started devouring reading books when I was 10. Before that I read, but never at the rate that I do now. Over the 6+ years I’ve been swallowing books whole and have developed a state of mind wherein I always finish them. In fact, through all my time reading there have only been 2 books I […]

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When I was 7, I wrote a book (and it was awful)

I was seven years old when I set pen to paper and wrote my very first novel (spoiler: it wasn’t very good).  I could say that my passion for writing drove me to pick up a pen for the first time, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, it was boredom (and a vast imagination). In […]

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