Before I was a blogger the world was filled with wonderful things; constant happiness, matching socks and fictional characters that always lived. But oh, how the tables have turned.

I’ve been blogging for quite awhile but have only recently noticed how, because I’m a blogger, everything is different.

So, peoples, I’ve compiled a list of how my life has changed since I began book blogging (and I’m hoping and praying I’m not the only blogger to feel these things).



My only source of recommendations before I blogged were staff at bookstores, (which was great, don’t get me wrong) but being on the blogosphere has opened my eyes to a whole new world of books (and when my favourite bloggers are excitedly shrieking, talking and writing about books I find it near impossible not to read them, which means that my TBR list is in a constant state of growth).

Speaking of which…



Seriously, my TBR (to-be-read) pile is almost as high as Mt Everest. I have a ridiculous amount (400 0dd) books on my GoodReads TBR list at the moment and, roughly 35 physical books on my shelves that I have yet to read (that isn’t even counting all the ebooks I have and the books I plan to ‘borrow’ from my parents).

My TBR has gotten enormous since I started blogging. I swear it’s like a teenage boy during puberty; it’s just not going to stop growing. *sigh*



I used to hand out 5 star reviews copiously (I was a crazy five star flinging, cupcake tossing book lover and shoved high reviews and cupcakes AT EVERYONE). And, I don’t know if you noticed, but I pretty much just throw cupcakes around now days…

Not because I’m cruel, but because I’m a lot pickier with which books I grant a 5 star review to. This is due to various things but mainly because I READ SO MUCH MORE, hence, there is a lot of competition when it comes to books battling to the death and winning high ratings.



I feel like photography goes hand in hand with blogging (am I the only one who feels this way?) because almost all book blogs have an element of photography in them (even if it is just a header for the post).

Do you know what I mean? I’m not talking about that whole ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ thing, I just mean that HUMANS LIKE LOOKING AT PRETTY THINGS.

And because HUMANS LIKE PRETTY THINGS – not blurry pictures where they aren’t sure if that thing is a book or squished potato (don’t ask how a book could ever possibly be mistaken for a potato) – my photography skills have improved in my attempts to take pretty pictures of books.



I spend A LOT of time looking at, thinking about and doing blog stuff. Granted, I never ever thought so much of my time would be consumed by blogging.

When I was a 12 year old blogging novice (who am I kidding? I’m still a novice) I was all like, “this looks like such a fun little hobbie!” and that’s how it was for a month or two before I realised that if I wanted my blog to get ANYWHERE I had to put effort in. Like, actual work. When I reached this realisation I was like, ‘bring on the cupcakes and let’s turn this thing into a way of life’.

Because, that’s kind of what blogging is (a lifestyle, not an excuse to eat cupcakes). It is hard work, time consuming and heck, I need a boat load of cupcakes to get through a single post.

Don’t get me wrong, it is fun sharing opinions, writing and posting reviews, chatting about things I love and making friends but blogging is also difficult sometimes. If I had a book for every time someone (from the outside world) said, “oh that’s a fun hobbie.” I swear I could build an entire house out of books.

I’m not, by any means, saying that running a blog is like performing open heart surgery, okay? (It’s not.) I’m just saying that it isn’t all rainbows, sunshine and baking the millions of virtual cupcakes I hand out to everyone.



(this is kind of like the previous point but shhh)

Because I’M ALWAYS BUSY I’ve found myself (recently) spending less and less time with my family and friends. I don’t know why this started happening (?) because I’ve been blogging for years and this has never been a problem, but since the beginning of this year I’m always doing blogging related things.

It’s not that I’m complaining but, let’s face it, when I’m not thinking about, reading or writing blogging related things I’m a) talking to my cats about blogging, b) counting down the days to Christmas, c) eating or d) thinking about how I ought to be blogging. I feel like I’m always in front of my laptop these days. *waves goodbye to family*



It wouldn’t be fair for me to make this list and not include the many opportunities blogging can provide.

(I’m don’t want to include this point to tell you about the opportunities I get from blogging because I don’t want to sound like a horrible boasting beetle but, generally) blogging can provide SO many wondrous career/growth opportunities related to reviewing books, getting published and more.



Oh, how I love friends. Especially friends who have the same interests I do. Blogging has introduced me to some wondrous people and oh my gosh – it amazes me to think about all the friends I have all over the world. *virtual hugs to everyone*



I like schedules. I like planning, highlighting and keeping my diary updated on all the things but, frankly, blogging sometimes causes me to FREAK OUT and not so subtly shove three cupcakes into my mouth at once.

I have a posting schedule, which is good because consistency is important, but this means that I sometimes find myself really pressured to have posts written, edited and ready for the right days and times. If I don’t I kind-of-sort-of think that all my readers will abandon me and never look back.

(Am I the only blogger who feels pressured about scheduling and posting regularly?)



(I asked my mum for a suggestion as to what else I could add to the list and, apparently, my cats have been getting less attention since I started blogging? I disagree because, who does she think I discuss fictional deaths with (?) but I decided to include this anyway.)



I sleep in pyjamas, write books in pyjamas, eat in pyjamas, go to school in pyjamas, read in pyjamas, blog in pyjamas; I live in pyjamas.

The truth of the matter is: I love pyjamas. When I wake up in the morning I have a shower and then get dressed into other pyjamas, partly because I’m homeschooled and can get away with it but also because most of what I do (blogging/writing) lets me stay at home all day where I can be in pyjamas.

It’s wonderful (especially in winter).



As Cait, so accurately put it, being original is “harder than doing backflips on a dragon during the Autumn equinox while eating an apple and building a model pirate ship”. All bloggers want to be original (with so many of us around we need to be unique to stand out) and being different is DIFFICULT. It takes a lot of hard work, creativity and motivational cupcakes.

And although I’m not the most creative cat out there, blogging has increased my creativity a heck of a lot.

So, there we go!

That’s how my life has changed/how blogging has influenced my life.


Thank you for reading!

Yours within The Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver




We could spend a few minutes partaking in small talk or, we could discuss this book tag (let’s do both). Hello, how are you? (I’m doing grandly, thank you for asking.) How are your cats/dogs/siblings? (Mine are swell.) Have you read any good books lately? (I have *nods*) Tell me about what you’re reading in the comments!

Now that we’re kind of caught up, let’s begin with THE INSIDE OUT BOOK TAG.


I (Inside flap/back of the book summaries: Too much information or too little? Your opinion?)

First and foremost – there needs to be one!

I deeply despise books that don’t give any summary at all. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that Sally, Susan and some big time author from a New York Best Sellers list think the book I’m buying is great but I want to know what it’s about. I want the details! Give me the details!

Am I going to be reading about a book deemed ‘romantic, thrilling and enchanting’ by some person I know almost nothing about or will I be reading about a sloth named Ruby or, a butt-kicking-heroine on a mission to save the world from an alien invasion?

Besides the fact that I want a summary – I don’t really mind the length of it as long as I kind of know what to expect from the novel.


N New book: What form do you want it in? Be honest.

Hardbacks. No question. I tend to read paperback and kindle novels mostly, but if I could choose it’d be hardbacks all the way. They’re just so beautiful and I find comfort in the fact there’s no need to worry about breaking spines or taking a tumble and being ripped apart. (Gruesome imagery; I’m sorry.)


S Scribble while you read? Do you like to write in books while you’re reading or do you keep your books clean?

Not only clean. I keep my books PRISTENE.

I’m like a hardworking, ninja mom who’s obsessed over the state of her house. Except, in this case, I’m a procrastinating, clumsy booknerd obsessed over the state of the cleanliness of her books.


My school reading books are the exception to this way of life because, for some reason, getting an A and jotting down everything my teachers say is more important than cleanliness (BUT ONLY IN THIS CASE.) If it isn’t a school book – pens better stay away or prepare to be snapped and chucked into an erupting volcano…or dustbin, whichever is closer.


I In your best voice, read us your favourite opening line.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this is a blog so I can’t really read it as such. However, you can do the incredible reading for me…

I don’t have a number 1 favourite first line because there are just too many books to pick a favourite anything. However I enjoy any beginning that catches my attention instantly and makes me think.

Here are a few that come to mind instantly:

*clear throat* Ahem.

“Ironically, since the attacks, the sunsets have been glorious.” Angelfall, Susan Ee.

“It is the key to survival, the key to life.” The Murder Complex, Lindsay Cummings.

“The way I figure it, everybody gets a miracle.” Paper Towns, John Green

“I’ve always been competitive. Maybe it’s because I’m a dragon, and that’s how we are, at least the males of our species.” Phoenix, Finley Aaron.


D Does it matter whether the book you’re readings author is male or female?

No way!

(I mean this light heartedly…I think…but) THAT’S DISCRIMINATION!

I’m honestly holding myself back from going on a five hundred million word rant about how “wrong” that is and leaving it at this; I don’t care if the authors male, female, pink, orange, green or blue, if they wear a tutu, hats or rainbow coloured stockings. If they can write well and I want to read their book I will love them (or at least their books) forever.


E Ever read ahead? Or have you ever read the last page before you got there?

If you read my blog regularly *gives the ones who don’t a cupcake and begs you all to stay forever* you’ll know my opinion on this already, but (in case you don’t know)

I have, BUT ONLY ONCE I SWEAR and in my defence I HAD to (I totally didn’t HAVE to). Things took a spin for the worse and the author was pulling at my heart strings. (I’ve never done it again though because I spoiled the book for myself.)


O Organised bookshelves or outrageous?

Organised mostly but there are days when I take a million hundred pictures of my books and then leave them lying around, for a week or two. Generally however, I tend to keep my books organised.


U Under oath: Have you ever bought a book based on ONLY the cover?

I know people are all like “don’t judge books by their covers and blah blah blah” but sometimes I just see a cover and I’m like, “I need that in my life right this very second or my world will stop spinning, the air will be forced out of my lungs and I won’t do my maths homework (and we all know the consequence of that (!) don’t we?)” So, yes. Sometimes a cover grabs me, pulls me through the mall, into the bookstore and then to the counter, conveniently.

T Take it out to read or stay in?

If this means like outside, into the garden where there are plants, bugs and the sun that’s almost always ready to bake me until I’m the colour of a tomato the answer is no. Definitely no.

But if this question is based on if I take my book with me while I’m out and about then yes because even if I know I won’t have time I like the comfort of knowing I have something to read nearby.

I tag,

Paper Fury, A Frolic Through Fiction, The Bookworm Who Lived , Under The Midnight Sky, Reading Till Dawn, Enchanted By YA and Booklover221B but I WANT YOU ALL TO ANSWER:

How do you feel about some or all of these things? Do you agree with me or are you one of those adventurous garden readers?


Until we meet again, grab a book and fall in love.

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver



I love goals, and more than that, I love organisation.

Colour co-ordination, setting objectives and scheduling has become my life (pretty much). Partly, because if I don’t have everything written down nothing will get done but also because I love post-its and enjoy writing myself notes.

Achieving the goals I set, however, is the best because I enjoy rewarding myself for a job well done (it’s extremely satisfying to get rewards for little things like writing a blog post, meeting daily word counts or, finishing a novel before bed…even if the reward is only a cup of coffee).

Setting reading goals for a year (annual reading goal: amount of books one plans to read in 12 months) always means big rewards for me like, buying even more books, dedicating an entire week to nothing else but writing or, getting a new cat (I’ve never got a new cat for achieving a reading goal but a girl can hope, can’t she?).


I’m well aware it’s April (HOW ON EARTH IS IT APRIL ALREADY???) but I decided to tackle this post anyway because HUMANS HAVE BEEN ASKING ME ABOUT MY READING GOAL…and I don’t have one.

I have a list (because duh, lists are the best) as to why I don’t have a reading goal this year:


If I decide to write 8,000 words in one day (almost) NOTHING WILL STOP ME. If I plan to read 100 books in a year (almost) NOTHING WILL STOP ME. If I want to travel the world NOTHING WILL STOP ME (except for a whole list of things including expenses, fear of a zombie apocalypse breaking out when I’m miles away from home and not being able to do my own laundry) but, basically, if I set a goal (almost) NOTHING WILL STOP ME which sometimes results in…uh, bad human-ing (it’s a word. Leave it alone).

In 2014 I almost missed my reading goal so, a week before the New Year, I abandoned life and spent all my time (when I wasn’t eating) reading. Needless to say I got 4 books read in a week (which has never happened again so I don’t know how I did it) and achieved my reading goal. And although I celebrated IT WAS BAD because I wasn’t a human for like, a week, I was a non-stop reading machine (I didn’t mind being a machine but my family wasn’t too impressed).

LIFE and other stuff

I have A LOT going on this year.

I’m in year 11 now (when did I grow up? Why am I getting older? Where did 12 year old Kat go and where can I find her?) and I have LOADS of school work. Like, LOADS. (I’m practically drowning in school work, but fear not, I have armbands and there are life guards (thanks mum) who make sure I don’t sink and die).

Also, book stuffs. I was going to publish my book this year. *trumpets* *music* *happy dancing* *free cake for all the humans* like, in April. Ha…that’s this month. Look at that. *hides from world* but then, I didn’t. (I don’t want to go into that, okay? BUT BASICALLY, the plan is still to publish this year just, not right this very second.)


Don’t get me wrong, I always have fun when I read books but (see Dedicated Dandelion) when I set my mind to something I ALWAYS do my best to achieve it, which means that, often, I stress myself out about reading WHICH SHOULD’NT BE THE CASE.

Stress = bad for health, cats and plants that get overwatered with tears of the anxious peoples.


My TBR (to-be-read) pile is longer than average life expectancy and although I’ve never worried about it before I realised a few months ago that if I stacked all the books in my TBR pile on top of each other and it fell over; it’d kill me.

So, I planned to get it under control this year and I can’t do that if I’m always stressing myself out about both the TBR and reaching my reading goal (I realise if I tackled the TBR I’d kind of be sorting out the reading goal too but shhhh- my brain hasn’t figured that out yet).


Really, what more do I need to say? I despise the mere idea of failure and do everything I can to avoid it so (because I’m a terrified tulip) I decided to hide away from failure and not set a reading goal this year…


So that’s why I don’t have a reading goal. Don’t worry, I’M STILL READING ALL THE BOOKS AND WRITING ALL THE REVIEWS AND DOING ALL THE BOOKISH THINGS – I just don’t have a  number in mind when I think about how many books I’ll read this year.



Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver



Don’t get me wrong, I love books as much as the next crazed book lover but sometimes I just get SO angry or, SO fed up that I want to put my book in time out (that’s normal, right?)

In the bookosphere I’ve sometimes heard people talk about ‘throwing their books across a room’ (now listen – I’m not saying you deserve a book reading ban if you’ve done this but…HOW COULD YOU? BOOKS ARE LIKE LITTLE BABIES. THEY’RE MEANT TO BE TREASURED, LOOKED AFTER, KEPT OUT OF HARMS WAY AND ENJOYED not INJURED RUTHLESSLY! If you had a child you wouldn’t toss it across the room because it did something bad, would you? (I hope your answer is no – by the way.)

So, instead of being cruel and heartless by throwing books around I prefer to put books in time out. BUT WHY DO THEY DESERVE SUCH TREATEMENT?


*clears throat* Where do I begin?

(I know books aren’t going to apologise to me for what they’ve done wrong but that doesn’t mean I can’t put them there and expect an apology anyway, does it?) Below I have listed (because you know how much I adore lists) some reasons as to why books deserve to be placed in time out (I know that the reasons these things occur is the authors fault but we can’t put authors in time out, can we? No we can’t so, we make their books sit in time out instead).



I know that sometimes characters need to face defeat, disappointment or, injuries, to lead them down the right path or make them realise they aren’t all that tough BUT KILLING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE (I know sometimes death is needed and blah, blah, blah, but I’m on a roll here and am not going to stop and acknowledge that right now.)

When we read books we fall through their pages and into that world; we fall in love with characters and begin seeing them as friends (family or even sometimes book boyfriends/girlfriends) SO WHEN THEY DIE IT HURTS and I want nothing more than to (a) recommend the book to someone to crush their heart as well and (b) put the book in time out and tell it to think about what it’s done.



(OTP: One True Pairing – a term used when people picture or imagine two people/objects together romantically.)

When an author decides to end my OTP/not bring it to life it’s always sad but when they go at it with an axe and hack the poor thing to death I FEEL LIKE CRYING A THOUSAND TEARS.



Yes, I get annoyed easily, but not with fictional characters (only with pesky things like loud chewing or people talking with their mouth full, you know?).

I love them and more often than not I respect the choices and decisions they make but sometimes characters do things and I’m like WHY. WHY DID YOU DO THAT AND DESTROY EVERYTHING?




I can barley handle speaking typing about this one.

I’m a firm believer that all humans (socks and unicorns) are important – fictional characters too. I believe they all have their own stories/lives and I hate the fact that some minor characters are used only around when protagonists needs them.

I know that some characters are needed in certain scenes for certain reasons but I hate it when minor characters are only around when they’re necessary to the story (am I making sense? Do you understand this?) I don’t like it when minor characters are only there to assist the protagonist.



Okay, you got me.

I won’t put a book in time out just because it doesn’t contain a cat but I felt like I had to mention cats somewhere…



(don’t question the words – they’re totally real.)

I despise it when I start reading an AMAZING book and then, the protagonist meets a love interest and suddenly EVEYTHING IS ABOUT THIER RELATIONHSIP. Just: no.

I love contemporary romances but even those can’t just be about relationships in my opinion. I WANT A STORY TOO. (Is that too much to ask for?)



(Yes, I love cliff-hangers but I also hate them. We have a weird relationship, okay?) I don’t like having cliff-hangers at the end of books – I mean, I LOVE it but I also don’t because I WANT THE NEXT BOOK THE VERY SECOND I FINISHED THE LAST ONE.

(I’m aware this point is contradictory but…cliff-hangers make me want to put books in time out, therefore I think it’s important to mention.)



This bugs me because EVRYBODY GROWS so why is it that some characters don’t??? I’m not saying that they need to change, dye their hair bright purple or become a different type of character entirely I just want to see them changing views/learning/trying new things/taking risks if they didn’t before, you know?



(Is it wrong for me to feel this way? Am I alone with this opinion? Please say I’m not!)

Until we speak again have a cupcake, because you’re beautiful and deserve one…or five.

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver

Review: The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan

I love this series more than I love rainy days and cups of tea (seriously, it’s wonderful).

Rachel morgan spineI’ve been in love with the Creepy Hollow series over a year now *gives 1 year anniversary cupcakes and kittens to everyone* and since then have met the author *cries 37 happy tears* and have reread the books 5 (6?) times each.  This series is GOOD and frankly, I NEED MORE PEOPLE TO BE OBSESSED WITH IT, okay?

So, here is the link to get book 1 FREE (you better get it; it’s a FREE BOOK PEOPLES!!!) and don’t worry if you’re thinking ‘but what is this even about?’ I’M GOING TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW with my review (more accurately, I’m goign to tell you what it’s about with the blurb because I spent a lot of time loving these characters in the review…) of The Faerie Guardian (Creepy Hollow book 1) by the fabulous Rachel Morgan.  


From the very beginning you’re thrown into this magical world of faeries with incredibly coloured hair, power struggles and characters that had me laughing out loud (literally) one second and ready to set the book in time out the next.


Protecting humans from dangerous magical creatures is all in a day’s work for a faerie training to be a guardian. Seventeen-year-old Violet Fairdale knows this better than anyone—she’s about to become the best guardian the Guild has seen in years. That is, until a cute human boy who can somehow see through her faerie glamor follows her into the Fae realm. Now she’s broken Guild Law, a crime that could lead to her expulsion.

The last thing Vi wants to do is spend any more time with the boy who got her into this mess, but the Guild requires that she return Nate to his home and make him forget everything he’s discovered of the Fae realm. Easy, right? Not when you factor in evil faeries, long-lost family members, and inconvenient feelings of the romantic kind. Vi is about to find herself tangled up in a dangerous plot—and it’ll take all her training to get out alive.


Violet is a kickass heroine; she’s tough, sassy and a faerie you’ll love instantly. Through the novel I found myself latching onto all the characters obsessively, as in, I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS and I want them to be my best friends (well, I want some of them to be my best friends…others can stay FAR away from me, thank you very much). They’re quirky, relatable and (which is something I don’t usually find in YA fantasy books) they’re so teenager-ish (that’s noo a work but we’ll pretend it is).


“Aren’t faeries supposed to be, like, really tiny? With wings and a wand and faerie dust?”

“I’m not Tinker Bell!”

“So you don’t have wings then?” he asks, completely ignoring what I just said.

“Sure I do. They’re in my pocket.”



Early on you’re introduced to Nate – Nathaniel – the cute human boy who can see through glamor and follows Violet into the fae realm. He’s easy to love and epitomises the way I think any human would feel experiencing magic, monsters and a new realm for the first time while being a typical teenage boy.


“Well, this is cosy,” Nate says. He winks at me.

“Don’t get any ideas, Mr. Draven Avenue. Losing my concentration now would not be a good idea.”

“But you’re a girl. Can’t you multitask?”

“I refuse to let you talk me into a make-out session in a dodgy, underground tunnel. I have standards, you know.”

Don’t think it’s all about Nate trying to kiss Violet though – no way! There’s tons of action, training and a whole lot of injuries.

Still, Violet does her best to get this boy out of her life. She’s eager to fix things so that she can get back to training, doing assignments and upholding her feud with her ex-best friend and seemingly total arse, Oryn – Ryn – who (don’t hate me) I absolutely adore (even though he’s a bit of a jerk).

But, as expected, things don’t work out the way Violet would like and with evil Faeries hunting her down things get far more complicated than she had previously thought possible. *cue epic battles*


The story develops and takes you on an adventure like no other, filled with action, tension, young adult romance and plot twists that will have you wanting to yell at the book (there was a lot of yelling coming from my room when I first read this). Despite the yelling, I completed The Faerie Guardian in one sitting *throws confetti* and gave it 5/5 stars before deeming it one of my favourite books of 2015.


Do you plan to read The Faerie Guardian? Have you? What other epic stories do you know about that contain faeries? I WANT TO KNOW.


Title: The Faerie Guardian

Series: Creepy Hollow

Author: Rachel Morgan (who is SOUTH AFRICAN! #SouthAfricanPride)

Pages: 283 (first edition, physical copy)

Buying Links: The kindle version is FREE and you can get it right here.


Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver


I started devouring reading books when I was 10.

Before that I read, of course, but never at the rate that I do now. Over the 6+ years I’ve been swallowing books whole I’ve developed this state of mind where I always finish books. In fact, through all my time reading there have only been 2 books I haven’t finished.


I feel very strongly about finishing novels and have compiled a short list (I LOVE LISTS) as to why I do this:

  • My mother taught me that it’s rude to interrupt

Not finishing is like being interrupted in the middle of a sentence. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that despises when that happens to me so I can’t help but ask myself why I would do that to someone (an author), who is telling me a story.

  • Authors pour their hearts and souls into their work

Since becoming a ‘serious’ writer reading isn’t just about a storyline and characters anymore. It’s more than that; it’s about passion, diction, world building and the way authors manage to turn 26 letters into incredible novels. And because I understand the hard work they put in, I can’t not finish what they started. It’d be like eating half a slice of cake I mean, WHO DOES THAT???

  • I feel bad

I feel bad, guilty even, when I don’t finish a book; the mere thought makes me squirm. I almost feel like the author will rush at me with sharpened knives and pitch forks, demanding that I finish their novel.

  • The story isn’t complete until the very last page

Sometimes, when I’m really getting bored of a novel or I don’t want to read it, I remind myself that everything could change.

I develop a sense of hope when  everything seems to be taking a turn for the worse. I’ve found this with several books, where I just plough through, suck up the problems I have, smile and keep reading to find that at the end I actually enjoyed the book, because of the ending.

  • Reviews

I get sent quite a few books for review and sometimes I don’t know much about the book before I get it. So, when I find myself not enjoying it I continue reading anyway because I have to review it and feel obligated to give the book a rightful chance to make me fall in love with it.


Do you not finish books? If so, why? I’m curious to know.


Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver

#WritersLife tag (where I talk about flaws, secrets to success & my thoughts while writing)

I’m a writer.

I’m quite sure all of you know this but I thought I’d tell you anyway. I write a lot – more than I breathe really (not really. That’s impossible. I can’t write more than I breathe but that’s the dream. Again, not really. The dream is to be published) I’m getting side-tracked, I know, but the point is; I write.

Today, I decided I’d share some of my writing details with you. So, this is the #WritersLife tag (I found it on Addicted To YA and it looked like fun).



What do you eat/drink while writing?


Now you know as well as I do that isn’t a real answer. I don’t consume passion (duh) but that sounds far more exciting than saying that, more often than not, I don’t eat or drink anything.

The thing is, I write too quickly for my mind to keep up and I’m almost always thinking 107 million different things at once which leaves little time for consumption, but I always have tea/coffee beside me and more often than not end up drinking it cold *shudders* because I’m too busy writing to do anything else. *pauses writing blog post to sip tea from Christmas mug*



What do you listen to while writing?


(but only because I have 4 cats, 2 parents, 2 younger brothers, 2 puppies, 1 grandmother and my own insanely busy mind.) If I could I probably wouldn’t listen to anything but my own little fictional world .




What’s your most debilitating distraction?


I don’t get all that distracted when I write because I tend to disappear from the world and not return until I’m moderately happy with what I’ve been writing BUT if someone mentions eating cake or that they have cake or even if I can smell cake – I’m out of my writing world and in the kitchen in .4 seconds.

If one of my cats climbs onto my keyboard – well, that’s pretty distracting on it’s own. Or when my cats simply sit there, next to me…waiting to be petted. I CANNOT REFUSE THEIR CHARM.

And Christmas is self explanatory; I just really love Christmas.




What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you while writing?

  • When a stranger asked to read my book.

Generally, when this happens, I just laugh it off and say something along the lines of,IMG_2145 ‘uh…writing…still…editing – LOOK IT’S A SQUIRREL’  but this instance was terrifying because IT WAS A STRANGER AND STRANGERS MEAN DANGER (thanks mum, you taught me well) needless to say I stumbled away in the hopes they’d never speak to me again.


  • That time I thought I broke my laptop and remembered I hadn’t saved my work so I literally cried because I thought my book was gone forever and it was sad and traumatic and you will only understand this if I say it felt like a child was being ripped from my weak little arms.

(not to worry; my battery was just dead. The laptop was safe. The book was fine too.)



What’s the best thing that’s ever happened while writing?

  • The first time I ever completed a book.

That was a big moment for me, to think that ‘wow. This whole story is done. There is nothing more that needs to be written. I’m done. It’s done. My baby is all grown up.’ I felt like a proud mother, don’t judge me.


  • When I first hit 50 000 words, and every time after that.

You may see the number and be like, ‘oh wow. 50k everyone can do that.’

Yeah, okay buddy – you go and write 50 thousand words that make sense and then come and talk to me.


  • When I write a piece, sit back and say, ‘…maybe I can actually write. Huh. Imagine that.’

This point only makes sense if I admit that often I’m like, “I can’t write a single word to save my life and when I do write them they’re all wrong and horrible and don’t even look at me.”

Be aware that I also have moments where these words pass my lips, “Damn I’m good. Queen of cats right here is writing a book people. Look out world, I’m coming for you!”


  • The first time someone complimented me and every time after that.

The first writing compliment I received was from my mom (didn’t count) then some other family (still didn’t count) then friends (still, didn’t count) then some random stranger who was like;




Who do you communicate with while writing?

My mother (thanks, mum).

She is a shining star in my sometimes hazy and dark void of useless thoughts.

When I’m stuck (even when I’m not) I lean on her for help and ideas. When my characters are fighting I tell her their problems and hope she can help me while I drown myself in a pool of chocolate and caramel because I don’t know how to fix their lives (yes, this is really how I feel sometimes).

She helps me with all the names I’ve ever used (book titles) and without her, I’d name them all ‘Untitled’ or something like ‘girl and boy who fall in love’ or ‘*cool name for book*’.



What’s your writing secret to succeed or hidden flaw?

To succeed:

  • Don’t compare yourself (I do this all the time but you shouldn’t) (truth is, I can’t really give any advise because I’m terrible at following it all…)


  • I think I’m a terrible writer.

Some may not see this as a flaw and simply a confidence thing but I really, really don’t think I’m good which means I often stop whatever I’m writing and think I’ll never accomplish anything.

  • Existential crisis.

Enough said. (If you don’t know what it is, look it up but basically I stop believing there is any point in writing because we’re all going to die anyway and no one will really care about what I had to say.)

  • I used to ( I PROMISE I DON’T DO THIS ANYMORE) only describe my characters for their hair and eyes…



What always makes you productive?


Nothing major it’s just like, “If you finish the chapter you can have a cupcake.”


I hope you enjoyed this inside look to my #WritersLife!

If you’re a writer, I tag you to do this too!

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver


Hello you beautiful bookworms, I’M BACK! *bakes cupcake* *sticks 42 candles in said cupcake* *dances*

For those of you who don’t know I ABANDONED SIGNAL, WIFI AND MY CATS for a few days (which you can read about HERE) and travelled into the desert like wasteland some call: a farm.

In my last post (which I already linked but it’s HERE) I told you about why I was happy and…not so happy to go. Today I am here to tell you that a) I SURVIVED, b) I READ ALL THE BOOKS and c) THAT I ACTUALLY HAD FUN OUTSIDE (with real trees, rocks and sheep goats).


Before I jump into this wonderful post about what I did, read, saw and discovered I think I should clear one thing up…

*clears throat* so you know how I said there were going to be sheep? Yes, well… THERE WERE SHEEP (I promise) but there were mainly goats.

Lots of goats.



125 million (over 46 goats, easily).

So now that it’s cleared up that I was rambling on and on and on about SHEEP in my last post and that there were really GOATS we can continue…


We travelled 100 million miles (I don’t know how far we actually drove but it was a good 4 hours and 30 minutes) and went beyond greenery and into the Karoo (I realise some of you wondrous humans won’t know what that is… Karoo = an area in South Africa that’s semi-desert).

IMG_3480IMG_3385tortoise named rodgerIMG_3768

My brother stuck a strawberry on his finger (because why the heck not), we saw a tortoise and named him Rodger. Also, do you see those blurry black and white specks? Yep, that’s kind of the extent of the sheep I saw…moving swiftly along.

We, finally, arrived safely at the house and then kind of…blobbed.


My body was just like, “look, Kat! It’s a bed! Let’s stay there and not move until we’re called for food.” I did a whole lot of sleeping, reading, worrying about writing (I don’t want to talk about it, I was having a I-can’t-write-to-save-my-life-moment (don’t judge)) and spent time with my family and this adorable puppy who stays on the farm. Her name is ‘ore’ (‘ears’ in English but I promise it sounds WAY more adorable in Afrikaans if you can actually say it right).


I spoke to the sheep goats quite a bit, saw this HUGE tree (many huge trees actually), hiked mountains to find signal, saw an old car and photographed it for a good half an hour, ate (a lot) and generally spent my time without internet surviving and actually enjoying it a little.


I actually had fun (!) which is crazy (not because I despise fun but) because I was having fun outside. There were bushes, trees and I even saw a moth *shudders* but nevertheless I was smiling almost all the time and when I wasn’t it’s because I was worried my brother would burn himself on the fire he made or because I was crying over fictional characters…yes, that happened.



I didn’t read as much as I’d hoped to while I was away and most of what I did read I can’t even telly you about because they’re ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies) but I did enjoy myself and what I did read I’m really happy with.

Most of all I’m glad to be back. I had fun and all but I missed my coffee mug, my bed and internet.



I hope you’re all doing incredibly well.

Do you like leaving the internet/family holidays?

Until we speak again have a cup of tea, read a book and tell your mum she’s wonderful.


Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver




I’M ABANDONING SIGNAL, WIFI AND MY CATS (fear not, they have a human to look after them) FOR THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

Before we get into this I’d like to assure you that yes, I am actually leaving but no, I’m not going forever; I WILL RETURN (hopefully, if I don’t get eaten by a sheep or something).

Also, I think it’s important to let you all know that I’m not being dragged kicking and screaming out of fictional worlds and into the real world. I am actually WILLINGLY leaving my bedroom (yes, really) and delving into the world of long car trips, many photographs and fynbos (that’s a type of plant special to Cape Town, just in case you didn’t know).


My family and I are going to a farm (don’t think of an actual farm. Yes, there are sheep and yes, there are animals and bugs and large expanses of land but there is also WIFI (I think. I hope. I may have been lying before I don’t know– sorry) and a big house and wonderful food and I will survive it, I promise). Don’t worry, you won’t be missing too much of me. I’ll only be gone a few days but you bet that when I return I will have pictures to show you and stories to tell (hopefully).

Back to the point of this post though: I’M LEAVING.

Which is kind of good but also, TERRIBLE.

I have a list (I love lists) of my pro’s and con’s of going and I’ve decided to share them with you.


Reasons I’m happy to go:


It’s beautiful where we’re going. (I’d hate to sound like I’m bragging here but I live in a beautiful country. Where we’re going is even more wonderful than usual.) I plan to do many things while I’m away and one of them (at the top of my list actually, as you can see) is to take pictures. Fear not, I will share them with you upon my return.



I’m so tired.

I don’t know why though I mean it’s completely normal to go to bed at 1am and wake up at 5am, right?

Seriously though, I am tired and while I’m away I plan to sleep and sleep and sleep some more.



I’m taking an entire bag full of books and I plan to read them all while away. I’m beyond excited. *throws confetti* *bakes cake* *sings happy birthday to no one in particular* *shares cake with everyone* *hugs everyone. Even the sheep that will be on the farm*



Unless you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Book Amino you probably don’t know that I need to write and edit and proof read and do all the things – which I plan to do while I’m on a farm in the middle of nowhere.


Now, the bad, terrible, horrible reasons I don’t want to go:

(I know bad, terrible and horrible are all synonyms. I used them for EMPHASIS okay?)


THERE WILL BE SHEEP ON THE FARM. I think. Okay, maybe there won’t be? I’ll let you know when I get back. This isn’t really a reason at all because I quite like sheep so never mind this one at all!



I despise moths; hate them! I’m terrified, actually and I know (because moths have a habit of following me wherever I go) there will be moths at the farm and they will most probably attack me (fluttering around the light bulb in the same room as me counts as attacking). So, I’m not excited about the moths.



I can’t tell you anything about this, so what is the point??? The point is, I’m missing important parts of THE SUPER BIG SECRET PROJECT because I’m going away and that makes me quite sad. *pats own shoulder* ‘you’ll be okay, Kat.’



So, I don’t know if you caught this already but we’re going to a farm.

I don’t like the outside world. Ever.

There are bugs and trees that look scary and SHEEP (which we already know I’m not scared of but still!).

…Now that I think about it, it’s not REALLY a farm. It’s more like a house on a large plot of land. So why is this bad??? Uhh…moving on!



There won’t be signal (unless I hike a mountain and climb onto my grandmothers shoulders while flailing around like a lunatic trying to get enough bars – I don’t think my grandmother would be very happy with me if I did that?) I won’t be online for a few days and that’s really the main point of this post.

I take great pride in the fact that I always reply to tweets, comments, emails, mentions, etc (even if it takes me a little while) but because I’m going away my responses won’t be very swift.

So, that’s pretty much all.


Wish me luck on the adventure or don’t and I’ll see you (not really because this is a blog) when I get back!


Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver


I quite like bookish tags and do enjoy completing them.

What I mean by ‘quite like’ is that I LOVE them and by ‘enjoy’ I mean, ADORE. So, without further ado, here is a bookish tag about bookish things.

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I love snuggling up in bed and hardly ever read at a desk. reading in bed

I like the idea of being surrounded by cosy, comfortable things so that when a book breaks my heart I can receive hugs (indirectly) from my pillows and blankets and be comforted by the fact that I’ll never marry a fictional boy. *sigh*

Also, closing a book, rolling over and spending all day in bed crying, mourning the loss of a fictional character, or having a book hangover is a lot easier to accomplish in bed. But I also like couches quite a bit and (wait for it)…aeroplanes.

This falls into the second question, Where do you like to read? But I’m on a roll and am just going to keep going on this train of thought.

(Back to aeroplanes!) I know this may seem a little weird but I did a lot of travelling growing up (I’m still growing up and still travelling but whatever) and overtime it became a habit and kind of something I started anticipating and now, the minute I get on the plane I have to read.


Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I’d like to say bookmark because I have about a million lying all over my room but the truth of the matter is that I, more often than not, use a random piece of paper or, just remember what page I’m on.


Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/certain amount of pages?

I can never ‘just’ anything.

I ALWAYS have to end at the bottom of the page so that when I return there’s a brand new one waiting for me. Like, if there is a comma right at the bottom of a page and the thought ends on the next one – guess who’s reading that page too? (Me. In case you were wondering.)


Do you eat or drink while reading?

gif - drinking tea

Drink? Yes. Tea and maybe coffee or water.

Eat? No.




I could go on about this (I won’t). The answer is no, to eating. I don’t eat while reading, ever.


Music or TV while reading?

There are only a few shows I watch on TV and when I do I like to be fully and completely focused on what I’m watching. It’s the same with reading, really. I like staying focused on the storyline and characters without being distracted.

Music however, never really distracts me. It kind of becomes a background noise so I don’t mind if music is on but I won’t purposefully listen – unless both my brothers are running through the house and yelling at the top of their lungs then, I mean, bring on the music to block them out by all means.


One book at a time or several at once?

I used to be really strict about this (like with eating while reading) and believed that reading more than one book at a time was simply unacceptable…But then I became a reviewer for publishing houses and a proof-reader for authors and suddenly I was reading up to four books AT THE SAME TIME.

This horrified me and I tried (desperately) to stop but I’ve relaxed about it since my failed attempt to stop and even though I read quite a few books that are sent to me (at the same time) I tend to only read one at a time when I buy them.


Reading at home or everywhere?

I always have a book with me, if that’s anything to go by.

I hardly read when I’m away from home but that’s only because when I leave the house I have a game plan. I’m on a mission to do certain things and try getting them all done so I can rush back home, lock myself up and away from the world again and read.


Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Okay, okay… I’ll admit it.

I have peeked BUT ONLY ONCE, I SWEAR and it was (kind of) a mistake. I was reading a book (no spoilers I promise) and the main character was DYING.

I WAS ALL LIKE, WHAT? NO! THIS CAN’T HAPPEN and I stopped reading. When I went back to read, the following day, I…may have opened the novel about 100 pages ahead from where I was and…may have seen that she was still alive.

Okay – I’m lying. I downright looked because come on, I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO DIE and I panicked.

(Just so you know, she ended up dying anyway needless to say, I was heartbroken and swore to never peek again.)


Break the spine or keep it new?


I deeply despise cracking of spines and I don’t care what you say about ‘loving books’ if you love someone you’re not going to break their spine – are you? No you aren’t (!) because you’ll be sent to jail. Beyond that though you don’t want to hurt the person you love. I’m exactly the same; I don’t want to hurt my beautiful books.


Do you write in your books?





Okay, but only sometimes.

I mean, I don’t usually write in books. I prefer not to but when I read books for school the reading rules go out of the window. Not because I don’t like the books schools make us read most of the time but rather, I WANT TO PASS AND GET A GOOD MARK, therefore if my teachers ever told me to write anything in the book and they happened to wink (or have something in their one eye and blink like a weirdo) darn right I was going to ferociously scribble it in the margin!


*sigh* I’d planned for this to be a quick tag but I mean, when are the tags I do EVER quick? (Never. They’re never quick.) I hope you enjoyed this nonetheless. If you’d like to participate in The Book Jazz‘ tag, read the bottom of this post, but if you just came to read what I had to say, I hope you enjoyed reading my rambles and I’ll see you next time. Tell your animals I love them (if you don’t have any, tell your siblings and if you don’t have any of those, well, tell your shoes).

Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver.


If you’d like to do the tag all you have to do is answer the following: Do you have a certain place at home for reading? | Where do you like to read? | Bookmark or random piece of paper? | Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter / certain amount of pages? | Do you eat or drink while reading? | Music or TV while reading? | One book at a time or several at once? | Reading at home or everywhere? | Reading aloud or silently in your head? | Do you read ahead or skip pages?  | Break the spine or keep it like new? | Do you write in your books? | Who do you tag?