A Magnificent Feeling (ft. writing advice & Darker Shade of Magic Review)

Do you know what’s a wonderful feeling? Discovering a new author – and climbing into their world for the very first time.

There’s nothing quite like wanting to stand on a rooftop and yell about an author you adore to the rest of the world. Today I’m here, and yelling: HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT V.E.SCHWAB?

You probably have. I mean, I hope you have.

I knew about her existence before climbing into her books. I discovered her on Twitter (probably through a tweet about writing or, dogs – although I don’t remember which). The origin story doesn’t particularly matter. The point is: I stumbled across the red haired, glasses wearing NYT Best Selling Author of over a dozen novels last year and for SOME REASON didn’t pick up any of her books.

Instead, I joined almost 70,000 other people and enjoyed tweets like this:

I suppose I could blame my ever-growing TBR (to-be-read) pile for not getting to her books sooner or, the knowledge that once I read one there’d be no turning back and I’d be determined to devour them all…

Whatever the excuses were, my dedication to them became futile in 2018. In June, I picked up A Darker Shade of Magic (because the cover was beautiful and I’d heard so many great things about it and had read the dedication somewhere and thought it was wonderful too).And then I finished the entire trilogy in under a month.

Who can blame me? It’s magnificent. (So magnificent that I have a list of things I love about it.)

Superb world building (I mean, WOW. It’s so good. I just – I have no words: only adoration. It’s incredible.)


Pirates (if you don’t like pirates at the moment, fear not: V.E. Schwab will convince you of their greatness)

Kell and Rhy and Lila and Alcurd and Holland and oh, goodness I love her characters so very much. They’re well developed and consistent and so incredibly real – with flaws and strengths and weaknesses and so much sass.

Brothers. (I love reading about great sibling relationships and I adore Rhy and Kells.)

Knives, adventure and did I mention: magic? 

Kell’s coat (I’m obsessed with the multi-sided-magical-coat. Where do I place my order?)

All the perspectives. Man, oh man. I don’t even know how many POV’s there were (!!) but I wanted all of them. I just wanted to read and read and read and never ever stop. 

Action scenes. (V.E Schwab loves action, and it shows.) They’re so easy to follow and described so well. I just want to eat her writing for breakfast lunch and dinner. I could practically hear the whisper of blades cut the air, feel their pain and the crackle of magic in the air around them.

Do you have an author whose words you want to eat for the rest of your life? And how great is V.E. Schwab?? (the answer: so great.) 

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  1. Never heard of this author you speak of, but if she writes about sassy characters then I stan

  2. Never heard of this author you speak of. But if her characters are sassy then I like her style

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