Less sheep; more goats: I’m back (ft. fruity fingers, fires & books)

I’M BACK! *bakes cupcake* *sticks 42 candles in said cupcake* *dances*

For those of you who don’t know I ABANDONED WIFI AND MY CATS for a few days and travelled into the desert like wasteland some call: a farm.

In my last post I told you about why I was happy and…not so happy to go. Today I am here to tell you that a) I SURVIVED, b) I READ ALL THE BOOKS and c) THAT I ACTUALLY HAD FUN OUTSIDE (with real trees, rocks and sheep goats).

Before I jump into the details about what I did, read, saw and discovered I think I should clear one thing up…

*clears throat* so you know how I said there were going to be sheep? Yes, well… THERE WERE SHEEP (I promise) but there were mainly goats.

Lots of goats.


125 million (over 46 goats, easily).

So now that it’s cleared up that I was rambling on and on and on about SHEEP in my last post and that there were really GOATS we can continue…


We travelled 100 million miles (I don’t know how far we actually drove but it was a good 4 hours and 30 minutes) and went beyond greenery and into the Karoo (Karoo = an area in South Africa that’s semi-desert).

IMG_3480IMG_3385tortoise named rodgerIMG_3768

My brother stuck a strawberry on his finger (because why the heck not), we saw a tortoise and named him Rodger. Also, do you see those blurry black and white specks? Yep, that’s kind of the extent of the sheep I saw…moving swiftly along.

We, finally, arrived at the house and then kind of…blobbed.


My body was just like, “look, Kat! It’s a bed! Let’s stay there and not move until we’re called for food.” I did a whole lot of sleeping, reading, worrying about writing (I don’t want to talk about it, I was having a I-can’t-write-to-save-my-life-moment (don’t judge)) and spent time with my family and this adorable puppy who stays on the farm. Her name is ‘ore(‘ears’ in English but I promise it sounds WAY more adorable in Afrikaans if you can actually say it right).


I spoke to the sheep goats quite a bit, saw this HUGE tree (many huge trees actually), hiked mountains to find signal, saw an old car and photographed it for a good half an hour, ate (a lot) and generally spent my time without internet surviving and actually enjoying it a little.

My brother built a fire (not the one who stuck a strawberry on his finger…the other one) and I read a few books. 



It was really great to get away, but I’m glad to be back. I missed my coffee mug more than expected and the symphonies of meows that my cats greet mee with each morning. 


Do you like leaving the internet for family holidays?

8 thoughts on “Less sheep; more goats: I’m back (ft. fruity fingers, fires & books)

  1. THANK YOU *throws confetti*
    Haha! My brother will be so happy someone has decided to jump on the bandwagon of what he’s started calling ‘fruity fingers’.

  2. WOW. Love those pictures!
    I look forward to hearing about the books you read (CAN I BORROW SOME)!!! 😀 I now feel compelled to stick multiple kinds of fruit on my fingers. Is that bad???

  3. OH MY GOSH! 42 cupcakes? WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?
    Also – you just called me funny and I think I can die happy now. *heart palpitations* *cheers*

    Thanks for reading, Cait!

  4. YAYY YOU’RE BACK AND BETTER YET, YOU SURVIVED! Surviving without internet is like literally a BIG DEAL and you ought to award yourself with that cupcake with 42 candles. Although I think 42 cupcakes and one candle would be a better arrangement tbh. I’M JUST SAYIN’. Ahem.


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