How To Successfully Request A Review Copy/ARC

A few years ago I discovered a mysterious package in the mailbox, addressed to me. And of course, being the safety orientated person that I am, I inspected the box with a magnifying glass instead of ripping it open. After ensuring there was no ticking bomb inside I carefully opened it up to find a book.

It was the very first book I’d ever been sent to review and saying I was over-the-moon would be a huge understatement. I was SO excited and I felt so special.  *cue flailing* Since then however I have received many review copies and ARCs.

The hype has settled and although it always excites me I no longer feel like a member of some special elite club of professional fangirls. #Humble

(there is no special elite club. ARCs and Review copies are exciting but don’t make you better than any other bloggers.)

If you’ve read my last post you know all about ARCs and Review Copies but if you just stopped by, hello! Sit down and grab a cupcake. If you’d like to catch up on my last post ((here) I talk about everything you need to know about ARCs and how to get them) or, you could just hang around here and see  an example of the emails I send to publishers when I request a book.

When I was an itsy-bitsy shy blogger with no idea how to request books from publishers I’d write incredibly short emails saying somethign alogn the lines of: “hey, will you give me a book to read? Please and thank you.” 


Overtime I’ve learnt what works for me and have included an example email below (this isn’t the only way to write an email to publishers! This is just the way I do it).



Hello (publishers name)

I’m (insert name), avid reader and reviewer of Young Adult books mainly within the fantasy, dystopian and contemporary genres.

My blog, Kat Silver Reads, is focused on YA novels and, having researched your publishing house, I would be honoured to read and review some of the books you publish.

I post reviews on my blog, GoodReads, Amazon, Facebook and Book Amino and often chat about the books I’m reading on Twitter and Instagram. 

Thank you for considering me to review your novels. My platform links (and stats) are below:





Facebook: http://www.facebook/user/show/katsilver980.



Twitter: xxx

Goodreads: xxx

Facebook: xxx

Blog: xxx

Bloglovin’: xxx

Instagram: xxx

Google +: xxx

Visitors per month (on my blog): xxx

Unique visitors per month: xxx

Page Views per Month: xxx

I’m very interested in reviewing a copy of:

– (insert book name) by (author name) (ISBN number)

Here’s my physical address and email:


Thank you for taking my request under consideration.

Have a lovely day and I can’t wait to hear back from you.


SEE? Not difficult at all.

Besides, what’s the worst they can do?

Say no?

Pfft, we’re fangirls (and boys!) we deal with our favourite fictional characters dying ALL THE TIME. We know how to deal with sadness.

Besides, when I’ve been rejected they’ve been really kind about it. They’ll sometimes even give reasons as to why they’ve declined your request, the most common being that ‘we aren’t sending out review copies at this time but would love to hear from you again in the future!’ which really isn’t so bad.

Just remember not to annoy publishers by asking for a million and forty three books. (In all my time of being a blogger I’ve probably only sent out three requests, per publisher? And that’s over several years. I’ve noticed that publishers have just signed me up for their reviewer list after that and I just get random books delivered to me. But if they don’t do this – fear not! Keep sending them emails and make sure you aren’t annoying them by requesting a book every week!)

Do you approach publishers at all? How do your emails differ and were you scared the first time you sent one out? TELL ME ALL THE THINGS.

(disclaimer: I’m not an expert at this and these are just my opinions and the way I do things.)

9 thoughts on “How To Successfully Request A Review Copy/ARC

  1. UM. I think I just melted a little. YOU ARE TOO KIND. I look forward to stalking your blog muchly!

  2. WELCOME BACK, Esther! *parps horn* *throws confetti* *gives you celebratory cupcakes*

    I’m so glad you’ve come back to blogging – I just CAN’T WAIT to check out your blog (and oh my gosh – thank you for the follow!).
    and, YES #priorities! I can’t wait to see the day you get your first ARC! You can be sure I’ll be right here if you need any help.

    Thank you for reading!

  3. I just started following your blog (literally five minutes ago) but I just wanted to say ALL THE YESSES to this post. Because, um, I may need it some day. I took a REALLY long hiatus and just got back into the game of EVERYTHING but this is my goal because #priorities. I will praise the day I get my first ARC from a publishing house!

  4. I don’t approach publishers right now, but I’m sure I will some day. Probably when my blog has grown, when I have more time and when I’m ready for it. Right now I just have to figure everything out and plan everything right, haha. This was so handy! Thank you. 🙂

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