The Chronicles of Narnia Almost Killed Me (Harry Potter Spells tag)

It’s time to live out my childhood dream and be a wizard (cue spells, Harry Potter appreciation and a really fun tag).

Expecto Patronum – A childhood book connected to good memories

I only started devouring books when I was 10. *cue gasping* Before that, I read books (for school and when my mum forced me to ‘do something productive with my mind’) but never at the speed I do now.


And when I did start reading (properly) I went from being forced to read library books to diving into Young Adult novels with my arms full of cupcakes, books balanced on my head and wearing a blindfold (the blindfold is because I soon realized that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But I love it in this wondrous YA world and I plan to stay here forever).

Anyway, the only memories I have reading as a child involve Harry Potter (which I read when I was 11) and Pippy Longstockings (by Astrid Lindgren), which my mum used to read to me before bed every night in one of her many attempts to bring a love of books into my life.

Expelliarmus – A book that took you by surprise

Carry On.

I could go on a million worded ramble about how IN LOVE I am with this book, this plot, these characters, this author. (but I won’t.)

Carry On (by Rainbow Rowell) is fairly similar to Harry Potter in the sense that there is a magical world, filled with magical people and magical students, a chosen one, doom and gloom but they’re so different too.

The point I’m trying to make is: I thought this book would be like a rip off of Harry Potter and, thankfully, that wasn’t the case. SO MUCH IS DIFFERENT.

 (also, I swear I could talk about Simon and Baz forever.)

Prior Incantato – The last book you read

The last book I read, frankly, isn’t worth talking about because I didn’t enjoy it much…or, at all. I’m currently reading GIFTED (by Donald Hounam) which is about magical beings at school. (I don’t know why all the books I’m mentioning are about chosen one’s and magic: I’m SORRY).

I don’t want to say too much about this book because I’m only 50 odd pages in and that’s barley anything at all (although I think it’s pretty good so far, maybe? I’m honestly a little confused but that’s okay. I’ll figure it all out…hopefully). I couldn’t help pick it up though, especially considering that the blurb begins like this:

Plus, there’s death, possible murder, magic, demons and a protagonist named Frank. FRANK!! I mean, I think his name is Frank? *flails* my brain is confused.

Alohomora – A book that introduced you to a genre you hadn’t considered before

I didn’t even know what ‘dystopian’ was until the Hunger Games (don’t yell at me).

Fear not, I am far more knowledgeable now than I used to be and have read more dystopian series’ than I have fingers (that’s not actually a lot but shhh).

Riddikulus – A funny book that you read


Hmmm, I recently read THE DEAD BOY AND THE PAPER CUT (by Cait) on Wattpad and she had me laughing out loud (before she ripped my heart out and stomped on it with her fancy black boots) which was wonderful.

You can read her book (here) for free and together we can laugh, cry and talk about how often she mentions two of my favourite things: coffee and cake.

Sonorous – A book that you think everyone should know about

The Faerie Guardian (by Rachel Morgan). Read my review here, get it here because:Rachel morgan spine

  • Faeries with incredibly colored hair
  • It’s been compared to The Mortal Instruments (by Cassandra Clare)
  • #SouthAfricanAuthor pride
  • Great characters that had me laughing and crying and possibly putting a book or two in time out
  • Magic
  • Shape shifting pets
  • Rivalry
  • Action
  • A protagonist that talks about the impracticability of combat in high heels

Need I go on?

Obliviate – A book you would like to forget having read

All my favourites.

Sometimes I find myself staring at my shelves and hoping I could forget having read all the books there because HOW AMAZING WOULD IT BE TO REREAD YOUR FAVORITES AGAIN, for the first time?

Imperio – A book that you had to read for school

One of my favourite school reads was To Kill a Mockingbird (by the late Harper Lee). I didn’t think I’d like it all that much because I hardly ever like school books (I tend to feel ‘forced’ to read and study them?) But I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I adored Scout and her brother Jem.

Crucio – A book that was painful to read

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.

I love John Green. He makes me cry all the time (I love a good book induced ugly cry) but seriously, An Abundance of Katherines was NOT for me because (a) there was maths involved and (b) I couldn’t even finish it…which is saying something because I only have 2 books on my DNF (did not finish) list.

Avada Kedavra – A book that could kill (interpret as you will)

The Chronicles of Narnia.

One time this mighty 760 something page book fell FLAT ON MY FACE, left a bruise (it didn’t actually bruise me), caused a bloody nose (no, it didn’t) and made me eat three cupcakes because I was so angry it had attacked me (this is true). Big, heavy books are wonderful but have the ability to squash and kill people at the same time!

It’s like cupcakes. All sweet, sugary and delicious…until you step on that scale and regret having eaten them for breakfast every morning since you were 12.


17 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Narnia Almost Killed Me (Harry Potter Spells tag)

  1. I WOULD SO LOVE TO REREAD MY FAVES FOR THE FIRST TIME. Can you even imagine?! Rereading HP without prior knowledge. I mean, reading it with prior knowledge is beautiful and glorious, but, like …. !

    I love Pippy Longstocking :3

  2. Reading GIFTED is seriously a struggle for me right now. Like, I’m SO confused (???) I feel like a penguin in a dessert and I don’t know what’s going on? But let me know if you read it and what you think!

    Also, I laughed after I got over the fact that my face hurt. LOL. it is rather funny and OH MY GOSH – I hope yours never falls on you because I don’t think anyone could survive that!

    Harry Potter is wondrous. I seriously don’t think my life would be the same without it? *cries nostalgic tears and eat 14 cupcakes*

  3. I just looked up Gifted because how could I not? LOL at #10. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help giggling, but I have a big Narnia book of all the stories – unabridged! So it’s really, really big and heavy and I wouldn’t want that falling on my face :p And I read HP when I was 13 <3 All these spell tags are making me feel nostalgic. Sniff sniff.

  4. Carry On is BRILLIANT!
    I didn’t ‘love’ the pieces with Baz and Simon in Fangirl. Like, they were okay but NOTHING compared to Carry On. It’s funny, quirky and I adore Simon and Baz together.

    Ha! If only. I dotn think my heart would manage reliving all the pain but bring on the happiness!!!

    Thank you for reading, Lia. 😀

  5. That “another teenage wizard” is very well put! Who doesn’t need another wizard, right?! That said, I have yet to read Carry On, and that book is huge I’m sure one day it’ll fall flat on my face. Haha.
    I love your answer for #7. If only we all could do that and have pain and torture and happiness and rainbows all over again!

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