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Why I Vanished For 389 Days

“Kat, why aren’t you blogging?”  That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for over a year and (spoiler!!) I still don’t have an answer.   One day I was here, shouting about cupcakes and writing up a storm – and then, I was gone. I didn’t know that I’d dissapear for 389 days when I […]

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Goodbye sweet comforts, hello sheep.

I’M ABANDONING SIGNAL, WIFI AND MY CATS (fear not, they have a human to look after them) FOR THE OUTSIDE WORLD. Before we get into this I’d like to assure you that I WILL RETURN (if I don’t get eaten by a sheep or something). Also, I think it’s important to let you all know that, […]

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THE BEGINNING – I offer you cake, we read books and become best friends

“Because marrying fictional characters doesn’t seem to be working out, I write myself worlds to live in.” -Kat Silver For those of you who haven’t been dragged here arrived from my old blog which has grown up to be this very BIG (but actually tiny) website world, welcome. *throws glitter* My name’s Kat Silver (not really), I’m 16 (as of 2015) and […]

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