Is It Acceptable To Put Books In Time Out?

Don’t get me wrong, I love books as much as the next crazed book lover but sometimes I just get SO angry or, SO fed up that I want to put my book in time out…(that’s normal, right?)

In the bookosphere I’ve sometimes heard people talk about ‘throwing their books across a room’ (now listen – I’m not saying you deserve a book reading ban if you’ve done this but…HOW COULD YOU? BOOKS ARE LIKE LITTLE BABIES. THEY’RE MEANT TO BE TREASURED, LOOKED AFTER, KEPT OUT OF HARMS WAY AND ENJOYED not INJURED RUTHLESSLY.)

So, instead of being cruel and heartless by throwing books around I prefer to put books in time out.


*clears throat* Where do I begin?

(I know books aren’t going to apologise for what they’ve done wrong but that doesn’t mean I can’t put them there and expect an apology anyway, does it?) Below I have listed (because you know how much I adore lists) some reasons as to why books deserve to be placed in time out (I know that the reasons these things occur is the authors fault but we can’t put authors in time out, can we? No we can’t so, we make their books sit in time out instead).


I know that sometimes characters need to face defeat, disappointment or, injuries BUT KILLING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE (I know sometimes death is needed and blah, blah, blah, but I’m on a roll here and am not going to stop and acknowledge that right now.)

When we read books we fall through their pages and into that world; we fall in love with characters and begin seeing them as friends (family or even sometimes book boyfriends/girlfriends) so WHEN THEY DIE IT HURTS and I want nothing more than to (a) recommend the book to someone to crush their heart as well and (b) put the book in time out and tell it to think about what it’s done.


(OTP: One True Pairing – a term used when people picture or imagine two people/objects together romantically.)

When an author decides to end my OTP/not bring it to life it’s always sad but when they go at it with an axe and hack the poor thing to death I FEEL LIKE CRYING A THOUSAND TEARS.


More often than not I respect the choices and decisions characters make but sometimes characters do things and I’m like WHY. WHY DID YOU DO THAT AND DESTROY EVERYTHING?



I can barley handle speaking typing about this one.

I’m a firm believer that we’re are important – fictional characters included. More than that, they all have their own stories/lives and I hate the fact that some minor characters are used only around when protagonists needs them.

I know that some characters are needed in certain scenes for certain reasons but I hate it when minor characters are only around when they’re necessary to the story (am I making sense? Do you understand this?) I don’t like it when minor characters are only there to assist the protagonist.


Okay, you got me.

I won’t put a book in time out just because it doesn’t contain a cat but I felt like I had to mention cats somewhere…


(don’t question the words – they’re totally real.)

I despise it when I start reading an AMAZING book and then, the protagonist meets a love interest and suddenly EVEYTHING IS ABOUT THIER RELATIONHSIP. Just: no.

I love contemporary romances but even those can’t just be about relationships in my opinion. I WANT A STORY TOO. (Is that too much to ask for?)


(Yes, I love cliff-hangers but I also hate them. We have a weird relationship, okay?) I don’t like having cliff-hangers at the end of books – I mean, I LOVE them but I also don’t because I WANT THE NEXT BOOK THE VERY SECOND I FINISHED THE PREVIOUS ONE. (I’m aware this point is contradictory but…I’ve got conflicted feelings here.)


This bugs me because EVRYBODY GROWS so why is it that some characters don’t??? I’m not saying that they need to change, dye their hair bright purple or become a different type of character entirely I just want to see them changing views/learning/trying new things/taking risks if they didn’t before, you know?


(Is it wrong for me to feel this way? Am I alone with this opinion? Please say I’m not!)

10 thoughts on “Is It Acceptable To Put Books In Time Out?

  1. Telling! Yes! Why didn’t I think of that? Excellent point!
    Sometimes, I WISH I could not finish books BUT I JUST CAN’T I feel too bad – almost like the author will come at me with a hack saw and demand to know why I didn’t read their book…(I know this won’t happen but it still freaks me out not to finish books).

    I love that concept though, ‘DNF wastelands’ HA!

    Thank you for reading. 😀
    *gives you a cupcake and begs you to stay*

  2. I agree with all your reasons Kat! I just have to add one that is BIG for me so you understand that… hummm… Ahem… [is always hard to say this is a blogosphere full with wonderful book finishers!] that… Well.., you can also gooooooo deep into the dark side and become a prefessional DNFer like me and the reason is… TELLING! Ugh I read the first pages and if there lots of telling it gets in a perputual time out in the DNF wastelands

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    Very interesting to look at things from someone else’s perspective.
    I agree with you in regard to the character development! *nods*

  4. I put books in time out if they’re dull. If 30 pages in nothing happens, I walk away. Sometimes it’s 30 pages of exposition, sometimes the characters are stuck.

    I agree that characters have to grow, although how much is determined by the length of time in the book. Characters that stay the same after 10 years aren’t realistic, but characters that have a sudden change overnight are also unrealistic. Change should be gradual.

    I compare cliffhangers to Back to the Future Part II, where Marty gets the letter saying Doc Brown is alive and well in 1885. There should be room for a sequel, but it should be a standalone book.

  5. Oh, there were a million and five tears streaming down my cheeks that day. *sobs at the memory*
    I swear I stayed in bed all day when Vin died.

  6. I still remember how astonish i was when i finished the entire Mistborn trilogy and found out Vin was dead. Really…i almost gone mad because of that. Thankfully…Brandon Sanderson did give us somehow a satisfying ending…i thinl i can live on with that. But it’s really a sad thing when your beloved characters died.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS – I do that too, because HOW DARE the author kill my favourite character? Nopety, nope. I refuse to believe that happened.
    Dealing with fictional deaths IS incredibly difficult *sighs* *gives you cupcakes to help you through mourning*

    Thank you for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  8. I totally agree with all of these points! When my favourite characters dies I normally refuse to believe it and I then just pray and hope that the author will bring them back and tell us it was all just a fluke or a dream or SOMETHING, JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING. This would normally go on for then next couple of pages until I would eventually give up and cry myself to sleep! *wails* Lovely list Kat! 😀

  9. Yes, yes, yes.
    I HATE it when the BFF just disappears. Like, hello BEST FRIENDS are FOREVER and what happened to that whole sisters before misters thing? Doesn’t that rule apply in books?!

    Ha! I didn’t even think about that (!) AUTHORS ALWAYS NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S WHAT, otherwise I feel like I’m a helpless penguin trying to fly with all the seagulls. *sighs*
    I haven’t tried your concept of peer pressure yet but I think I should because obviously time out is NOT working.

    Thank you for reading!

  10. *takes 5 cupcakes because you said I could*

    Ahem, anyway YES. I absolutely fervently agree with this list. Particularly the secondary character one?? Because that SUPER bugs me. Or like when a girl has a BFF but she ditches her when she gets a boyfriend. ARGHRUGHGRHG. And then the best-friend-forever only returns when the heroine breaks up or whatever? It’s just not right or balanced. And I dislike just when secondary characters are underdeveloped altogether. MORE LOVE FOR THE SECONDARY CHARACTERS.

    I put books in time out when they don’t know what they’re talking about. XD I mean, omg, when I read books about musicians and can TELL the author has noooo clue how music functions?!? ARGH. TIME OUT. *sends book to the naughty corner*

    (Unless I put them next to books I really really like and hope they will learn from their greater peers. That happens too. *nods*)

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