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If marrying a fictional character doesn't work out I may have to write myself a world and live in it. Author, reader & cupcake eater. Also, cats. Feel free to email me with questions and ARC or reviewing requests.

The Problem I Have With Negative Book Reviews

If you’ve hung around here for awhile you’ll notice that some the majority of the reviews posted on my blog are rated 4 or 5 stars. This is not because I’m a loving leprechaun who believes that all books are a pot of gold, but rather because (for awhile) I promised myself not to publish […]

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Is Fanfiction Illegal? Can Writing Fic Become A Career? Let’s chat!

Grab a cup of tea, or coffee, pull up and chair; let’s delve into the world of fanfiction (and devour three cupcakes each because, who can chat and NOT have cupcakes?). Before we get into all the exciting legal-debating-cupcake-devouring-fanfiction-writing fun let’s breakdown what fanfiction is (it’s completely okay not to know – I’m here to […]

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How blogging has changed my life.

Before I was a blogger the world was filled with wonderful things; constant happiness, matching socks and fictional characters that always lived. But oh, how the tables have turned. I’ve been blogging for quite awhile but have only recently noticed how, because I’m a blogger, everything is different. So, I’ve compiled a list of how […]

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