#AmCurrently – Wherein I sneeze, get on a plane & fail as a human

I feel like a rabid book loving banshee right before an epic books release.

There is SO MUCH going on in my life right now which I suppose is good (?) but at the moment it feels all bad. There just seems to be no time for anything, including cupcake eating *cue gasps*. The minute I sit down to do something I’m pulled in a different direction to do something else. (I know I’m not making sense but I’m trying to tell you: PEOPLE, I’M BUSY). And because I’m running around like a crazed cockatoo and shrieking about it ALL THE THINGS on Twitter and Instagram I decided to sit down and tell you what’s what.

Yes, this is an #AmCurrently.#AmCurrently sneezing

My mum has always been a firm believer in not using the ‘h’ word (h word=hate) and whenever she reminds me this my six year old brother informs me that using the h word will surely get me on the bad list and won’t get me any Christmas presents or happiness. So, trust me, I know I shouldn’t be throwing hate around but seriously: I hate being ill.

For the past few days I’ve been coughing, spluttering, sneezing and wishing my cat would stop meowing at me each time I sniff. And the worst part is that I can’t climb into bed and get better because…

#AmCurrently packing

I’m off to the SAIR Book Gala soon (as in, my flight is in a few hours). This may not seem like a big deal to anyone living anywhere but in South Africa but it’s a book festival and there will be lots of authors, books and bookish type things WHICH IS ALL SUPER EXCITING.

My flight is pretty soon and, as per the usual, instead of packing and making sure I’m ready to go I’m blogging.

#AmCurrently sipping tea

I’ve been obsessed with apricot tea for awhile (?) I’m not quite sure why but it’s everything right now. It’s warm, sweet and fruity. Also, it’s a wonderful to drink while eating cupcakes and shivering because it is SO cold outside.(It’s almost winter here, so while the majority of my readers are getting ready to hit the beach or the swimming pool it’s finally socially acceptable for me to spend all day in pyjamas and reading.)

#AmCurrently reading a book a day

It’s official: I’m a book ninja. all the bright places

I don’t know when it happened, how or why but for the last week I’ve been reading a book a day (which is completely weird for me because, although I do occasionally finish a book a day, it hardly happens consecutively). In the last seven days I’ve read a total of EIGHT books. EIGHT.

Do you know what this means?

(I’ll tell you) It means that I’m DEVOURING books, faster than I ever have before. *cheers* *gives celebratory cupcakes to everyone*

#AmCurrently mourning the loss of my phone

My phone died a sad, tragic death the other day *sigh*.

Generally, I don’t care about my phone. I only really use it for checking Twitter, Instagram and my emails (oh, I also occasionally talk to other friendly humans on there) but that’s it? So I don’t care that my phone died on me, I’m just feeling slightly offended because IT BROKE TWO DAYS BEFORE I WAS SET TO CLIMB ON A PLANE AND LEAVE EVERYTHING I KNOW (I’m being so dramatic, but seriously, how rude of my phone to do such a thing?). Fear not, I have a backup situation up and running and I will still be on social media.


My exams start next month and they’re scaring me. (I don’t like to admit that school like things worry me because, generally, I like to pretend I’m completely confident and that I have things under control but, well, THESE EXAMS PRETTY MUCH CONTROL MY FUTURE AS A HUMAN AND I’M SO WORRIED I’LL FAIL BECAUSE WHAT WILL I DO WITH THE REST OF MY LIFE??? IF I DON’T DO WELL I WON’T GET INTO UNIVERSITY AND THEN HOW THE HECK WILL I EARN MONEY TO FEED MY CATS AND CATER FOR MY CRAZY BOOK BUYING OBSESSION?)

And as if my exams aren’t daunting enough I’ve been selected to judge a competition (I can’t say which one) about books in South Africa WHICH IS HUGE (and wondrous and I’m so very thankful for the opportunity) but also I’m scared because I’m just a little person with a little blog and huge book obsession. How am I meant to give my ‘professional’ opinion on things? I’m not a professional anything (except cupcake lover. I’m the queen of cupcakes – I have a crown and everything).

Okay, that’s enough rambling.


10 thoughts on “#AmCurrently – Wherein I sneeze, get on a plane & fail as a human

  1. It was lovely to meet you too!
    They really needed to step up their cupcake game, but I suppose their delicious food made up for it.

  2. It’s a struggle, honestly and I’m so glad others can relate to it because, as much as I adore traveling, it’d be nice to have more bookish events all around the world.
    I had a wonderful time, thank you! And thank you for reading (gives you cupcakes in appreciation).
    What cupcakes are your favourite, out of curiosity? 😀

  3. It was awesome meeting you at the book gala Kat, the food was good but no cupcakes.

  4. I understand the struggle having to travel for book events and the like (living in South-East Asia, there aren’t many English book events in the city I live in). I hope you had a great time! And yes, I do want to eat cupcakes. Always.

  5. *gives you good luck cupcakes for your exams*
    THANK YOU – luckily I got better quickly, thankfully, and enjoyed the gala.

    thank you for reading!

  6. I think the soup you sent me helped! I was perfectly fine once we landed and yes, oh my gosh big bookish things scare me too because, what do I say? How do I talk to peoples? Where are the cupcakes? What happens if I forget my own name…or fangirl too hard and scare the author. #RealWorries

    But you slowing down (especially with reading) I think is a good thing? Gives the rest of us slower humans time to catch up to your unreachable goodreads goals *faints* BUT FIVE five stars??? DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

    Enjoy reading and thank you for commenting!

  7. Hope you feel better soon! Being ill is never fun when you’re traveling. Have so much fun at the book gala and I can’t wait to find out how it was. I totally understand the exams stress. My finals start next month, too. You’ll do great! It’ll be alright!

  8. I do hope you are feeling better, have a lemon cupcake, lots of vitamin c in there. Enjoy your trip and the book gala, I hope to see you there

  9. YES I WISH I WAS EATING CUPCAKES RIGHT NOW. Sadly, I am not. Life is sad sometimes.
    But bleh to being sick while going away. That is unfun 🙁 *sends you warm soup* But good luck for your trip to the festival thingie! THAT SOUNDS EXCITING!! I have not ever yet been to a big book festival…and the thought kind of terrifies my hermity heart but at the same time…BOOKS AND AUTHORS EEEEP. I hope you have fun!! 😀
    Also good luck for the exams. *crosses fingers for you*
    ALSO THAT IS AMAZING YOU ARE READING SO MUCH. I’ve slacked off reading hugely this last week. I blame it on the fact that I read SO many 5-stars this month that I’m kind of on a book hangover. A belated one. OMG KAT. GOOD BOOKS ARE GREAT BUT ALSO A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THEM NOW. Ahem. But I did just bring home another stack of books from the library. I think I have a problem….

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