Kat Silver is a writer, reader and self proclaimmed cupcake connoisseur. 


She devours reads books obsessively, still manages to have a TBR (to- be-read) pile longer than average life expectancy and dreams of marrying fictional characters.

When she isn’t studying, playing the piano, reading or chatting to her cats, she is in her Cape Town home writing books. At the moment her stories feature characters with butterflies in their stomachs, cupcakes in their mouths and revenge.



She has three cats, a houseplant named Fransis and is almost always open to accepting novels for reviewing purposes and talking to other readers. Both can be done (and enquired about) here.

She goes by the pseudonym Kat Silver and quite enjoys the fact that she can slip on her glasses and become the blogging equivalent of Superman (her name isn’t Clark Kent and she can’t fly but she kind of feels that those small details don’t matter when it comes to secret identities).


You can find her:

on her contact page






or via email (Kat loves email) : kat (at) katsilver (dot) com