I started devouring reading books when I was 10.

Before that I read, of course, but never at the rate that I do now. Over the 6+ years I’ve been swallowing books whole I’ve developed this state of mind where I always finish books. In fact, through all my time reading there have only been 2 books I haven’t finished.


I feel very strongly about finishing novels and have compiled a short list (I LOVE LISTS) as to why I do this:

  • My mother taught me that it’s rude to interrupt

Not finishing is like being interrupted in the middle of a sentence. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that despises when that happens to me so I can’t help but ask myself why I would do that to someone (an author), who is telling me a story.

  • Authors pour their hearts and souls into their work

Since becoming a ‘serious’ writer reading isn’t just about a storyline and characters anymore. It’s more than that; it’s about passion, diction, world building and the way authors manage to turn 26 letters into incredible novels. And because I understand the hard work they put in, I can’t not finish what they started. It’d be like eating half a slice of cake I mean, WHO DOES THAT???

  • I feel bad

I feel bad, guilty even, when I don’t finish a book; the mere thought makes me squirm. I almost feel like the author will rush at me with sharpened knives and pitch forks, demanding that I finish their novel.

  • The story isn’t complete until the very last page

Sometimes, when I’m really getting bored of a novel or I don’t want to read it, I remind myself that everything could change.

I develop a sense of hope when  everything seems to be taking a turn for the worse. I’ve found this with several books, where I just plough through, suck up the problems I have, smile and keep reading to find that at the end I actually enjoyed the book, because of the ending.

  • Reviews

I get sent quite a few books for review and sometimes I don’t know much about the book before I get it. So, when I find myself not enjoying it I continue reading anyway because I have to review it and feel obligated to give the book a rightful chance to make me fall in love with it.


Do you not finish books? If so, why? I’m curious to know.


Yours within the Bookworm Revolution,

Kat Silver

If marrying a fictional character doesn't work out I may have to write myself a world and live in it. Author, reader & cupcake eater. Also, cats. Feel free to email me with questions and ARC or reviewing requests. info@katsilver.com

9 Responses

  1. I’d love to be able to complete and entire series but with almost everything (excluding Harry Potter) I start reading before the other books are out. *dramatic sigh* it’s a struggle.

    *gasps* YOU SKIP PARTS??? (so do I!) but I end up feeling bad and going back.

  2. Same here! And I always finish a entire series…I think there is only one exception… But I skip book…by part…and directly to the end. That’s quite a bad habit…

  3. That’s a very good system to work by because there are way so many books and so little time.
    *sigh* BUT for some reason I can’t NOT finish books – it just makes me feel SO BAD.
    I think I ought to try convincing myself otherwise though because I end up reading quite a few books I don’t REALLY enjoy, you know?

    Anyway, THANK you for reading! *gives you a cupcake and begs you to stay* I adore your blog name XD

  4. I DNF very few books, but I will if I’m just not getting into it or I realize I’ve been “reading” a book for six months. If the book is short enough, I’ll often finish it because “Well, it will only take a couple more hours,” but I think I’m starting to realize I’d rather spend my time reading books I like. Even though I recognize that the ending can completely make or break a book.

  5. I’m exactly then same I can’t put a book down without finishing it! For me I think it’s a mix between my stubbornness and my need for everything to be organized.

  6. I must admit to my shame that there have been some books that I could not finish. I suppose I had better not name them but, suffice to say that they were either really badly written or deadly boring after an interesting introduction. What to do? What to do? I tried, but alas boredom won, sleep overcame me and the book was put away never to see daylight again.

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