5 Reasons I Always Finish Books (or try to)

I started devouring reading books when I was 10.

Before that I read, but never at the rate that I do now. Over the 6+ years I’ve been swallowing books whole and have developed a state of mind wherein I always finish them. In fact, through all my time reading there have only been 2 books I haven’t finished.

I’ve always been an advocate for finishing novels, and have compiled a short list (I LOVE LISTS) as to why I do this:

My mother taught me that it’s rude to interrupt

Not finishing is like being interrupted in the middle of a sentence. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that despises when that happens to me so I can’t help but ask myself why I would do that to someone (an author), who is telling me a story.

Authors pour their hearts and souls into their work

Since becoming a ‘serious’ writer reading isn’t just about a plot and characters anymore. It’s more than that; it’s about passion, diction, world building and the way authors manage to turn 26 letters into incredible novels. And because I understand the hard work they put in, I can’t not finish what they started. It’d be like eating half a slice of cake I mean, WHO DOES THAT?

I feel bad

I feel bad, guilty even, when I don’t finish a book; the mere thought makes me squirm. I almost feel like the author will rush at me with sharpened knives and pitch forks, demanding that I finish their novel.

The story isn’t complete until the very last page



Often, when I get books for review, I feel obligated to see the story until the end to ensure it’s got a fair shot at impressing me. don’t know much about the book before I get it. So, when I find myself not enjoying it I continue reading anyway because I have to review it and feel obligated to give the book a rightful chance to make me fall in love with it.

Do you not finish books? If so, why? I’m curious to know.

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  1. I’d love to be able to complete and entire series but with almost everything (excluding Harry Potter) I start reading before the other books are out. *dramatic sigh* it’s a struggle.

    *gasps* YOU SKIP PARTS??? (so do I!) but I end up feeling bad and going back.

  2. Same here! And I always finish a entire series…I think there is only one exception… But I skip book…by part…and directly to the end. That’s quite a bad habit…

  3. That’s a very good system to work by because there are way so many books and so little time.
    *sigh* BUT for some reason I can’t NOT finish books – it just makes me feel SO BAD.
    I think I ought to try convincing myself otherwise though because I end up reading quite a few books I don’t REALLY enjoy, you know?

    Anyway, THANK you for reading! *gives you a cupcake and begs you to stay* I adore your blog name XD

  4. I DNF very few books, but I will if I’m just not getting into it or I realize I’ve been “reading” a book for six months. If the book is short enough, I’ll often finish it because “Well, it will only take a couple more hours,” but I think I’m starting to realize I’d rather spend my time reading books I like. Even though I recognize that the ending can completely make or break a book.

  5. I’m exactly then same I can’t put a book down without finishing it! For me I think it’s a mix between my stubbornness and my need for everything to be organized.

  6. I must admit to my shame that there have been some books that I could not finish. I suppose I had better not name them but, suffice to say that they were either really badly written or deadly boring after an interesting introduction. What to do? What to do? I tried, but alas boredom won, sleep overcame me and the book was put away never to see daylight again.

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