Why I Don’t Have A 2016 Reading Goal

I love goals, and more than that, I love organisation.

Colour co-ordination, setting objectives and scheduling has become my life (pretty much). Partly, because if I don’t have everything written down nothing will get done but also because I love post-its and enjoy writing myself notes.

Achieving the goals I set, however, is the best because I enjoy rewarding myself for a job well done (it’s extremely satisfying to get rewards for little things like writing a blog post, meeting daily word counts or, finishing a novel before bed…even if the reward is only a cup of coffee).

Setting reading goals for a year (annual reading goal: amount of books one plans to read in 12 months) always means big rewards for me like, buying even more books, dedicating an entire week to nothing else but writing or, getting a new cat (I’ve never got a new cat for achieving a reading goal but a girl can hope, can’t she?).


I’m well aware it’s April (HOW ON EARTH IS IT APRIL ALREADY???) but I decided to tackle this post anyway because I’VE BEEN ASKED ABOUT MY READING GOALand I don’t have one.

I have a list (because duh, lists are the best) as to why I don’t have a reading goal this year:


If I decide to write 8,000 words in one day (almost) NOTHING WILL STOP ME. If I plan to read 100 books in a year (almost) NOTHING WILL STOP ME. If I want to travel the world NOTHING WILL STOP ME (except for a whole list of things including expenses, fear of a zombie apocalypse breaking out when I’m miles away from home and not being able to do my own laundry) but, basically, if I set a goal (almost) NOTHING WILL STOP ME which sometimes results in…uh, bad human-ing (it’s a word. Leave it alone).

In 2014 I almost missed my reading goal so, a week before the New Year, I abandoned life and spent all my time (when I wasn’t eating) reading. Needless to say I got 4 books read in a week (which has never happened again so I don’t know how I did it) and achieved my reading goal. And although I celebrated IT WAS BAD because I wasn’t a human for like, a week, I was a non-stop reading machine (my family wasn’t too impressed).

LIFE and other stuff

I have A LOT going on this year.

I’m in year 11 now (when did I grow up? Why am I getting older? Where did 12 year old Kat go and where can I find her?) and I have LOADS of school work. Like, LOADS. (I’m practically drowning in school work, but fear not, I have armbands and there are life guards (thanks mum) who make sure I don’t sink and die).


Don’t get me wrong, I always have fun when I read books but (see Dedicated Dandelion) when I set my mind to something I ALWAYS do my best to achieve it, which means that, often, I stress myself out about reading WHICH SHOULD’NT BE THE CASE.

Stress = bad for health, cats and plants that get over watered with my anxious tears.


My TBR (to-be-read) pile is longer than average life expectancy and although I’ve never worried about it before I realised a few months ago that if I stacked all the books in my TBR pile on top of each other and it fell over – it’d kill me.

So, I planned to get it under control this year and I can’t do that if I’m always stressing myself out about both the TBR and reaching my reading goal (I realise if I tackled the TBR I’d kind of be sorting out the reading goal too but shhhh- my brain hasn’t figured that out yet).


Really, what more do I need to say? I despise the mere idea of failure and do everything I can to avoid it so (because I’m a terrified tulip) I decided to hide away from failure and not set a reading goal this year…

So that’s why I don’t have a reading goal. Don’t worry, I’M STILL READING ALL THE BOOKS AND WRITING ALL THE REVIEWS AND DOING ALL THE BOOKISH THINGS – I just don’t have a  number in mind when I think about how many books I’ll read this year.


8 Responses

  1. I applaud ANYONE who can keep their GoodReads up to date. I always forget? (And I know that’s terrible and GR is wondrous but I just can’t??? It’s definitely also something I plan to work on this year.)
    As for the writing goals I COMPLETELY agree with you. Setting writing goals is so motivating and, sometimes, when I set them I do magical, magical things like writing 10 000 words in a day?
    I’ve never joined Camp NaNo but im glad to hear that it’s helping you! Good luck with your WIP! *throws confetti*

  2. Hummm good question Kat! I think I do reading goals because I’m a sucker for those little GR progress graphs 🙂 and I writing goals bc, seriously, I realized I was getting nowhere with my WIP! So I started Camp NaNoWriMo to see if setting goals really helps me and IT DOES!
    But I totally agree that I will probably read and write as much as I want Also, as you said, I set goals back in January to control and overly excited TBR Good luck with yours

  3. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW I PLAN TO ACOMPLISH TAMING THE TBR (maybe if I shout at it enough it’ll shrink?)
    The goal is, with the TBR, to get it under 200 books…which is saying something because it’s not even close to that currently. *sigh*

    I’ve been writing for years but this year I plan to focus on it, and so far that’s been going pretty well!
    *throws confetti* good luck with your last set of high school exams and uni!
    Can’t wait for you t be on the writing bus too!

    Thank you for reading! Have a wondrous day.

  4. How come its possible to control your TBR????? That’s insane!!! I’ve already give up on that! But…I love your goal…(other except the TBR stuff…)
    I’ll love to write in 2016 too!!! I’ve been so busy on school work and hardly have time to write 8000 words a day…well…if I want to fail my exam…then that’ll do. But…since I’m going to college…that’ll be possible!!! All hail writer!!!

  5. I always felt the same way as you; I had a reading goal EVERY SINGLE YEAR, but this year I just felt WAYYY too busy.
    I’m so happy to have abandoned the idea.
    I think I may have one next year though.

    What was your goal like this year?

    Thank you for reading the post! *gives you a cupcake in thanks*

  6. I do have a reading goal because I do one every year and I regret it already! I think I’m erasing it from existence as of now…

  7. I know (!) YOU READ SO MUCH LAST YEAR. (Still shocks me whenever I think about it, tbh.)
    20 books IS a lot for a month but I know it’s like practically nothing for you. (Sometimes I wonder how many words you read in a minute? Then I try not thinking about it because it scares me to think so much can be devoured in such a little amount of time – OMG. I admire these reading capabilities of yours.)

    And yes, self publishing because actually getting published in my country is like, impossible unless I suddenly want to become a factual writer? Erm, no thank you. I like fiction and unicorns and the possibility of a zombie apocalypse.

  8. Oh oh I totally understand this. TOTALLY. When I set a goal I get really obsessed about it. in fact, last year I was REALLY obsessed about reading to the point where if I didn’t finish a ton of books I got super stressed out and despondent. Which was silly because I read like 300 books?!?!? WUT EVEN, CAIT’S BRAIN. So. This year, I’ve almost put myself on a reading-ban? I can only read 20 books per month. I KNOW that still sounds crazy, but it’s way less than last year. Anyway. Longish way to say: I know how it feels. And I admire you for not having a reading goal and just doing what you can!

    (Also omg publishing this year?!?! I assume that’s self-publishing … or….? Omg squee and good for you though, genius little writer, Kat! :D)

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